Analysis Of Environmentally Friendly Cars

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The Green Car Rating is a method that measures and gauges a specific vehicle's environmental impact not only for a specific period of time but over its entire lifecycle – including vehicle use, fuel production and vehicle manufacture.

This means its analysis and data are not limited to just the tailpipe emissions – those produced during a vehicle's use but also with lifecycle emissions which are upstream pollutants given off during fuel production and vehicle production. Fuel production by the way includes primary production, extraction, transportation, and refining while vehicle production would be manufacture and assembly.

What's great about using the green car rating is as follows:

1. It includes lifecycle emissions, not just from the exhaust. As mentioned earlier this is one of the major factors why using green car rating is beneficial. It covers the entire cycle from fuel to vehicle and everything in between. For example: hybrid cars or diesel chip cars that promote higher fuel economy produce a higher percentage of emissions during manufacturing stage.

2. Does not only measure carbon dioxide but all air emissions. This procedure gives way to a realistic comparison of all fuel types. For example: Diesel fuels that have lower carbon dioxide emissions than petrol actually have a higher level of Nitrogen Oxides which is also an assessed air based emissions.

Note: Regulated Emissions are non-methane organic gases, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide and particulates. In addition, the three main greenhouse gases correlated road conveyance are Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

While there are automobile service companies that offer chip tuning and tuning box installations that claim of lesser emissions; they however do not guarantee that your car will have a Green Car Rating. But then again, tuning chip processes are performed to actually refresh the system of the vehicle. Unless, maybe, some other eco friendly enhancing software, aside from petrol or diesel remapping and the like, is installed then that would be alright.

The Green Car Ratings are obtainable for a wide variety of vehicles such as diesel, petrol, electric, hybrid and even LPG, bio fuel and natural gas operated automobiles.


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Analysis Of Environmentally Friendly Cars

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This article was published on 2011/05/18