Biodiesel From Algae - Good For Environment

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The process of manufacturing biodiesel which is an upcoming technology for the production of fuel is quite simple. However, the impact could be enormous not only for the economy, but for the environment as well. Making biodiesel fuel involves converting an organic matter into diesel. This organic matter is as common as vegetable oil which is often used as the base organic matter that is converted into biodiesel. But this is not the only matter that is used. Algae is also being used as a base matter.


It is rather hard to believe that the gross stuff found on the top of ponds and still water can actually be used for good. But recently algae has been used in the alternate fuel industry of biodiesel. Converting biodiesel from algae will help to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline. Another great benefit of biodiesel fuel is that it will free up America's dependency on foreign oil. On top of both of those benefits, algae found in sewage has also been used for biodiesel conversion. There is definitely no shortage of sewage and using sewage in this way can also help the environment.


Greenfuels Technologies seems to be the best known company that is converting algae to biodiesel fuel. Currently the biodiesel industry is in its infancy. But it is a very visionary idea and companies who are already processing biodiesel really have a jump on the marketshare. In my opinion these companies bear serious watching to see what direction they are going to take this technology.


It is also worth noting that because this industry is basically just starting out it leaves the door wide open for small start-up companies. You never know who is going to come up with the perfect formula for biodiesel conversion from algae. That is one of the reasons why this field is so exciting, it is brand new with a ton of potential. Not only potential for wealth but also for the environment.


Currently, because this is not a mainstream technology, any company who is working on processing will need to work from private investment funds. It is only through research and testing that we will learn if biodiesel from algae is a viable option. These are truly exciting days in the biodiesel industry. Looking toward a future of nondependency on oil should be enough to keep us all interested in how the biodiesel fuel industry takes shape.


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Biodiesel From Algae - Good For Environment

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This article was published on 2010/05/27