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If your organization uses fuel injection pumps or diesel fuel systems, then you need a reliable and trusted service provider for diesel fuel system repair and fuel injection overhaul. Fluid Mechanics Inc. which started out in Cleveland in 1957 is a well-known name for servicing diesel fuel system engines and fuel injection pumps. We provide authentic parts and services for fuel injection systems running on any speed; be it high speed, medium speed or low speed diesel engines. Our services include testing and calibration as well as diesel fuel system repair and reconditioning.

For every product that Fluid Mechanics Inc. offers; reconditions, calibrates, rebuilds, tests and failure analyses are offered along with it. We utilize only original parts for rebuilds. But if the cost factor is important to you, then we use reconditioned parts whenever and wherever possible. We also use reconditioned parts in cases where the original parts are no longer available or where delivery time is longer. In both these cases the customers are informed about the reasons for use of reconditioned parts. Reconditioning allows you to reduce costs by upto 75%. Fluid Mechanics Inc. provides reconditioning for an exhaustive number of components which include fuel injection pump housings & covers, fuel injector pump bodies & nozzles, cylinder heads and valve cages.

A fuel injection overhaul by Fluid Mechanics Inc involves testing of all rebuilds and reconditioned parts according to OEM specifications. The calibration of fuel injection pumps and setting of fuel injectors is in line with OEM specifications. We provide the best service which ensures that records of all rebuilt fuel injection pumps are kept properly. We provide rebuilds for fuel injectors, fuel injection pumps, cylinder heads, air start valves, safety valves and accumulators.

Diesel fuel system repair by Fluid Mechanics Inc includes inspection, grind, repair and rebuilds of valve cages, rebuild and reconditioning services, cylinder head repair and calibration & testing. We bring to you high pressure injection systems by L"orange , the leader in high pressure fuel injection technology. These injection systems are low on fuel consumption, very durable and environment-friendly. We also offer fuel injection nozzles by DUAP as well as fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors by Woodward. Fluid Mechanics Inc are experts in the rebuild and repair of Pielstick cylinder heads and valve cages. In testing, fuel injectors are tested for spray angle, leak down, drips, atomization and chatter.

Fluid Mechanics Inc is located in Cleveland as well as Ft. Lauderdale, FL and our locations are easily accessible by highways, major ports and airports for the convenience of our customers. Our services are utilized by the marines, the military , power plants and cruise lines.
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Fluid Mechanics Incorporated

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This article was published on 2010/10/19