Fuel Cards- Making Fuel Purchasing Easy

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Managing transportation business or fleet operations is not an easy task that can be done within a few minutes. You have a lot to consider for better fleet management. When it comes to better fleet management, the thing that comes first in mind is control on fuel expenses. Yes, it is a major issue that puts extra burden on fleet operators and they want to control it at any cost.

If you are also one of those looking for a better fuel management, then provide fuel cards to your drivers, especially when they are on the road for weeks or months and roaming within and outside the UK and Ireland. These better and improved cash alternative for fuelling really make the fuel management smooth and also improve the fleet operations. These cards in comparison to credit cards are better as they are only for fuelling; while credit card can be used to purchase or make a payment of anything.

Whether your vehicles are roaming in the UK and Ireland or throughout the Europe, fuel card program is better and no less than a miracle for better fleet management and mileage as well. One of the main benefits of using fuel cards for fuelling is that they are PIN (Personal Identification Number) protected that can only be used for specific vehicles. Apart from this, these cards enable fuel purchasing at a large number of locations within and outside the UK.

These locations also include all the border areas and outlets where you can get fuel any time and at a weekly fixed price that is lower than pump price. As far as the advantages of using fuel cards are concerned, they are not limited to weekly fixed price, but have expanded to a great level. More security, fixed price, fuel any time, VAT approved invoice/statement, online reporting, etc., are some of the major benefits of using fuel cards for the purchasing of fuel.

With the growing demand of fuel cards, numerous leading names have come in the market with different types of cards like EDC European fuel card, Texaco fuel card, UK fuel card and the list goes on.

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Fuel Cards- Making Fuel Purchasing Easy

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This article was published on 2011/03/07