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It is not as easy as first it may seem to find help on HHO fuel. A brief browse of the web can become very confusing and leave you wondering why you bothered in the first place. Sure, HHO fuel can be a complex subject but there are rudimentary facts anyone can understand.

HHO gas as a supplement for gasoline and diesel in ordinary cars, trucks and lorries has seen a sharp rise over the last two to three years. The latest figures would suggest that more than 6 million people worldwide have fitted an HHO fuel kit to their vehicles already.

As the credit crunch reaps its deathly harvest, the figure above must surely increase at an exponential ratio. It would be unsurprising to look back to now in ten or fifteen years time and laugh about everyone using gasoline and diesel powered vehicles which were 70% inefficient.

For now, a kit is the best answer, changing existing vehicles into hybrids running on gas and HHO. Fair enough that about the maximum improvement on miles to the gallon with an HHO fuel conversion kit is 80%, but for now that must do.

HHO Fuel Now

In turbulent times it makes sense for the ordinary man and woman to protect themselves from excessive prices. And these are unsettled times as oil prices fluctuate to a staggering degree. Long term the prospect is even gloomier. Pretty well everyone agrees that natural resources are becoming more difficult to locate and more expensive to extract.

But HHO gas is a cheap resource. All it needs is water and a bit of electricity. It is ideal for vehicles relying on internal combustion. Of course, energy requires energy to produce it, but with a car the energy source is the battery whose energy comes via an alternator from its own motive power.

How HHO Fuel Works

Anyone considering making their own HHO fuel kit must have a good manual. Even if they do not build and fit the system themselves, their mechanic will need a copy. They are easily found in a downloadable format and cost between $45 and $90. The basics for an HHO fuel kit cost less than $180.

Equipped with instructions, the first thing to do is build the hydro-oxygen surround. This can be simple CPVC or another temperature resistant product. Any plumbers merchant will have it. A catalyst is then inserted in the surround and water poured in. The water will need replenishing every few months.

When an electric current from the vehicle's battery is passed through the water a reaction occurs with the catalyst. Hydrogen and oxygen steam off the positive and negative terminals, rise to the surface and are collected in a cylinder. The lements then reform in a gaseous state to make HHO fuel.

The gas is then siphoned off into the engine's carburetor where it mixes with gasoline or diesel. And it really is about as simple as that. Some of the gasoline is replaced by HHO and this gas has a combustion rate four times better than petroleum gas.

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HHO Fuel Help

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This article was published on 2010/05/17