How to Replace Fuel Injectors?

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Is your car's engine giving a rough idle? Or is it giving a slow response to your accelerating pedal? Then possibly, the fuel injectors are bad, causing your car's engine to hesitate while accelerating. It is immensely important to get them fixed or if not, then replaced or else, it would gradually kill the engine's performance. In most cases, fuel injectors end up their life due to foreign particles clogging the precise injector nozzle, choking up the entire fuel supply system. Although, cleaning up the injector can help you out for the interim, its life expectancy cannot be dogged. With internal damages that might have happened, the clogging condition may surface again. The best way is to get it replaced with a new one, and if you are worried about expensive repairing charges from those auto professionals, fuel injector replacement is quite an easy job. It only requires a basic knowledge on your car's engine work with a cluster of tools to fix it yourself. This would definitely save your precious time and few bucks too! Here's a step-by-step procedure to get it done-

Stuff you'll need

Wrenches, Sockets, Injector Puller (you can get it easily from auto parts store online), Pliers, Rags and Motor oil.

Trigger the replacement procedure with safety-Important!

Whenever the repair is related to fuel, keep in mind about the safety too. Make sure the fire extinguisher is handy and keep your eyes sheltered with safety glasses. Right after you're ready with all these stuffs around you, the next big thing is to relieve the pressure from the fuel line. For some car models, it is easy to identify these lines while some may require uncovering different wires over it. Make sure you don't forget this, otherwise the fuel may fly out of the lines when you un-bolt them. For this you'll need to work with the fuse box and locate the fuel pump fuse. If your car doesn't have a fuse, it must be having a fuel pump relay. Once you've managed to find that fragment in your car, start the engine and pull the fuse or the relay. This will cause the engine to die out immediately eating up all the fuel pressure.

Tip: Make use of fuel injector puller to avoid damaging other parts. Using this tool will help you to pop out the injector easily out of the engine without much effort.

Removing the Fuel Rail

Don't worry if there is no fuel rail in your car, but for some car models, the injection system is included with a common rail to deliver the fuel which needs to be removed first. This can be done easily by unscrewing bolts and nuts that hold the main as well as an additional line. Remove both these lines to get an easy access to the faulty fuel injector. For those cars that don't have such a fuel rail must be having individual fuel lines, which need to be disconnected.

Tip: If you are confused with too many bolts and screws to unlock the fuel rail, take a picture of the engine before removing the lines. This will help you to fix the bolts back to their place when assembling.

Removing the Fuel Injectors

Once you have accomplished the process of keeping the fuel lines or fuel rail away from the fuel injectors, you're just a step behind to get that damaged fuel injector out. Make sure you do this with care. Fuel injectors have a plug on its top, which is connected to the wiring harness. Usually, these wiring plugs are secured using a spring wire. All you need to do is remove this plug using a screwdriver between the spring and the plug. Ultimately, the fuel injectors can be removed thereafter. Make use of puller to remove it easily and don't pull it with your hands as any small piece broken off would be having easy access to enter inside the engine, which will start giving its effects later.

Tip: With injector removed from its place, the open space should be covered properly to ensure that things don't fall inside. Otherwise it might be difficult to fix, and any particle entered inside would directly fall into the intake manifold or the engine chamber.

Done well with the removal process? Great, now all you require is to get back the things where they actually were. Of course, that picture might help you out in this reversal process of assembly. Just make sure you do it with ease and do not push it harder.

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How to Replace Fuel Injectors?

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How to Replace Fuel Injectors?

This article was published on 2011/12/26