Hydrogen Converter - How to Build a Hydrogen Car?

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Hydrogen converter helps to convert water into fuel for your car. Hybrid cars use more than one fuel to achieve better mileage and fuel efficiency. Here is an old technology that has been updated and simplified. It uses water as part of the already existing fuel system.

This technology improves fuel efficiency of cars exponentially and hence the fuel and cost savings are also correspondingly high. The best news is that it is "green technology" that is environment friendly. It has no other by products apart from water. When you adopt this system for your cars/ vehicles you become eligible for government approved tax benefits.

The hydrogen converter uses the stored energy available in water and comes in a kit which helps you to put it in your car by yourself. This technology converts H2O (water) into HHO gas that has two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen - a device achieves this by using the battery electricity.

This gas has much more potency as compared to traditional fuel like gasoline and gives more energy. This system helps to burn the fuel efficiently and increases engine horse power. It needs no great changes to your car and no modification whatever to the engine. Readily available parts are enough to get this technology into your vehicle.

Maintaining it is also very simple and another reason for this system gaining in popularity is that it can be adopted for any vehicle almost. The system does not store hydrogen in tanks; it rather produces hydrogen when the car is switched on and stops when car is switched off thus making it very safe for the vehicle passengers. In the normal fuel consumption lot of gas is wasted where as in this system the engine uses the fuel most efficiently.

Some of the highlight features are:

• A complete, simple system that can be installed by car owners themselves without professional help
• Hydrogen converter has water with existing fuel to improve fuel efficiency
• Even large cars give mileage comparable to small cars
• Water improves engine performance, increases horse power of engine and cleans it too
• Environment friendly - big dip in harmful emissions
• Tens and thousands across world vouch for the effectiveness of the system
• Get tax rebates for going "green"
• 100% money back if you are not fully satisfied

Get your hydrogen converter today by going to the link below - save fuel and reduce emissions too.

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Hydrogen Converter - How to Build a Hydrogen Car?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29