Hydrogen Fuel Cell Made Simple

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Free fuel and and a hydrogen fuel cell are the gemini of the motoring world. HHO is produced from simple tap water which costs just a few cents per gallon. Not that a hydrogen fuel cell even needs much water, using only about a quart per two to three hundred miles.

Kits are easy, cheap and quick to build and fit. Almost anyone can do it and start saving up to 65% at the gas pumps. Once bitten, forever smitten as they say. Many men, and women, end up installing generators in cars, trucks, and even lorries for their family and friends. It really can become an obsession once you know how to do it and how much money it saves.

As a technology it has several advantages in the search for free energy. Firstly, it does get close to being no cost fuel because it runs on just water and electricity which is produced via the battery by the vehicle's motive power. Secondly, it is entirely safe because the oxyhydrogen is produced on demand and fed direct to the engine; there is no need to store hydrogen on board the car or truck. Thirdly, unlike the production of pure hydrogen, it emits no harmful pollution. Its only byproduct is a small trickle of water.

It is a shame and a puzzlement that to date auto makers have not pursued this simple chemistry. As an industry they have closed their eyes to the fact that most consumers no longer want gas guzzlers. The most recent culprit and loser is General Motors. GM failed to realise that the market was going green. It continued to invest in oversized autos that guzzled gas like it truly was water. Now it wants to reinvent itself to avert disaster and avoid laying off between three and five million workers. The US administration has told them that enough is enough.

How To Make Free Gas With A Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The first thing to procure when venturing down the kit route is a recommended manual. They can be found to download from the web at around $100. After that materials will cost at maximum $300. If the help of a mechanic is required, that could be another $100. The grand total is normally between $240 and and $370.

Everything is easy to get your hands on. High temperature resistant material like CPVC is a prerequisite to make the water reservoir. Once a catalyst is added it becomes an Brown's gas generator. The electrode, or catalyst, is what catalyzes the water. Hydrogen comes from the cathode and oxygen is emitted from the anode. They are drawn together above the liquid surface and combine to make HHO, effectively making it a free source of energy.

The oxyhydrogen is then sucked into the vehicle's engine where it ignites alongside standard gasoline or diesel fuel. It means less fuel is required but also makes the gas or diesel itself burn up to five times more efficiently. Some fairly simple electrical wiring and a vaporiser are the only other things needed for a hydrogen fuel cell.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Made Simple

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This article was published on 2010/03/31