Listening To Airline Pilots

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There are many things that airline pilots will not tell you. They do not tell you these things because they do not want to worry you.

In some cases they tell you to do something for a particular reason that is completely untrue so that you will do it. The real reason they want you to do it is a legitimate concern, but one that you will not take seriously.

As a result, they make up another reason that you will take seriously. The first couple of things that you will never hear about from airlines are how they treat their pilots.

Some pilots complain that their airline constantly only allows them to take off with the minimal amount of fuel. On occasion a simple storm requires them to use more fuel than a normal flight and because of the minimal amount of fuel they started out with, they are forced to land at another airport to get more fuel.

The reason that planes typically are not allowed to carry more is that fuel adds to the weight of the plane. If the plane carries extra fuel, it burns extra fuel because of the added weight.

This is seen as a waste of fuel and money. This policy was simply created in order to save money.

Pilots also complain about how they are not scheduled to get a lunch break quite often. As a result, they have to delay one of their flights so that they can grab something quick to eat.

However, the rules on delays are getting stricter so many pilots are not able to get any food. Pilots are not even allowed to wait for a slightly delayed plane that has fifteen people who were hoping to connect to his flight.

This may not seem fair. On top of it all, many pilots find themselves working up to sixteen hour shifts without a break fairly often.

Pilots state that one thing they will never tell their passengers is something that will worry them. They do not want their passengers panicking, even if the plane is going down.

Airline pilots even admit that they do not agree with some of the rules as they seem quite dangerous. For example, you have to buckle up in a car that is going five to ten miles an hour on the ground.

Meanwhile, you can walk around on a plane 40,000 feet in the air that is traveling 400 miles per hour. In addition, the plane could hit turbulence or anything else dangerous any moment causing a traveler to hit the ceiling.

Some even complain about the runways at many airports, which are not up to modern standards. For example, the runways at the John Wayne Airport, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Chicago Midway, and Reagon National have short runways.

When a runway is too short, the landing will be rough, no matter how skilled of a pilot is flying the craft. Another complaint that pilots have is that people ask them for directions in an airport.

Most of the time, they do not have time to explore or get to know all of the airports they typically land at. It is very easy to get all of the airports mixed up as well.

Even though they are airport personnel and even though they are in a uniform, they often do not know any more than the person next to you. Another misunderstanding passengers also have is how weather delays work.

If they are traveling to Salt Lake City and there is a weather delay, they may call a friend and that friend will report that the weather is beautiful in Salt Lake City. When they look out the window, they can see that the weather is beautiful where they are at too.

Immediately they will start complaining because they think the airline is up to something. What they do not realize is that the storm or cause of the weather delay is between where they are at and Salt Lake City.

However, there are many passengers that show appreciation for what their pilot does. Perhaps the best compliment you can give your pilot is a comment on how skilled the landing was.

The quality of the landing is the number one indicator of how talented and experienced your pilot actually is. As a result, a compliment on the landing will make your pilot feel better, even if he is extremely tired and it is a small thing you can do for these under appreciated pilots.
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Listening To Airline Pilots

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This article was published on 2010/12/13