Outsourcing Your Fleet Fuel Management

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No matter where you look more companies are learning that it is ok to outsource certain aspects of their business. While the term "outsourcing" always seems to conjure up negative connotations such as sending more jobs overseas, this is not always the case. One particular area of this is in the field of fleet fuel management, where you will be hiring a company located here in the US to help you gain control of your fleet fuel costs.

Those of you who either own or are in charge of managing a fleet of vehicles can fully understand how much the rapidly rising cost of fuel is impacting your overall fleet operating costs. It does not matter what type of business you are in, from the food industry, transportation, construction or any other business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, you rely on fuel and have to facto the rising costs into your operating budget.

For many years the guy at the top (which may or may not be you) has designated the person responsible for paying the bills (again this may or may not be you) to tally up the fuel bills, check that they all add up to what you are being asked to pay and see that the check is written every month. If all of the receipts add up and the bill gets paid, this is an effective fuel management program, right? Wrong or at least it is if you want to keep your costs under control.

If you look at all of the receipts being turned in by your drivers, you are likely to see a range of prices on the fuel they buy. How can you possibly know who is paying the best price, where they are buying their fuel or even if you are paying the right taxes? The simple answer to this is that when you are tracking you fuel expenses in this manner; you cannot possibly know the answer to these questions and are likely to be wasting a lot of your operating capital.

Imagine the financial boost your company could realize if you could find a way to save as much 5% or more on the price you are paying per gallon. On top of this if you could find a way to do this on a consistent basis, your annual fleet operating costs would be reduced significantly, something that no company would ever be adverse to. This is call effective fleet fuel management and is not something that many companies have the time or experience to handle properly.

It is also why more companies are choosing to outsource to their fleet fuel management to experts in the field instead of trying to handle this vital task in house. By doing this you will not only be saving your company money that can be put to much better uses, you will be relieving the person who has been handling this function to do other far more important tasks. The fleet fuel management company you hire will become a very important part of your corporate structure.

So what is a fleet fuel management company going to do for you besides make sure that your fuel bills get paid? Most importantly you are going to be hiring a team of experts in the area of fuel cost management. They will have the expertise necessary to negotiate on your behalf with various fuel suppliers to reduce your costs per gallon in exchange for a commitment from you and your drivers to use their facilities. This can easily result in a 5-15 cent per gallon discount. They can do this because they represent a large number of customers who are already contracted to use the same fuel suppliers, which gives the fuel management company serious buying power as their customers buy millions of gallons each year.

They will be able to take a close look at your fuel usage, your actual needs and where your vehicles travel so that they can match the right fuel company to these needs. The management company will be able to issue you fleet fuel cards that will make it easy for your drivers to get the fuel they need, whenever they need it and get the best rates on these cards.

If you are finding that the cost of keeping the tanks full in your fleet are getting out of control, it is time you contacted Fuel Management Sokolis Group and let their team of experts go to work finding the best possible fuel management program for you and helping get your fuel cost back under control.
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Outsourcing Your Fleet Fuel Management

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This article was published on 2011/03/28