Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer best selling

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Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer


Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer

This latest offering from Paslode is the next iteration of their venerable cordless framing nailer (IMCT). The unit has addressed some issues that existed with the original design and has added some new features. Some people found the firing rate of the previous design to be a little slow so this new nailer does fire faster. The nose of this nailer actuates in more positions and with less pressure than the older model making the nailing process a little easier when toe-nailing in tight areas. The fuel cell has been redesigned so that it is a simple drop in as some people apparently had issues with the fuel cell not mating properly with the metering valve; I never experienced this myself. This unit holds more nails per load and the rafter hook has been redesigned so that it can actually be hung on a rafter as the older style was to narrow. Finally they redesigned the combustion chamber with the intent of increasing the time that the nailer will operate reliably before needing to be cleaned. I have no reason to doubt this but it is too early for me to tell if it has been achieved. 
All in all the unit itself is a nice redesign that fits well in the hand and addresses a few deficiencies with the earlier design. However this offering does bring a whole new and in my opinion a show stopping issue to the table. Paslode management has decided to package the fuel cells for this product with the nails. This mean that they must be purchased together so if the cell runs out, is defective or you lose a fuel cell you have to get more nails. This also does not bode well for those who have stocked up on nails. The fact that the redesigned fuel cells are not compatible with the older units is a problem in itself and forcing customers to buy nails with the cells just adds insult to injury. Paslode claims that this will ensure that the customer has enough fuel for the lot of nails but i think there is an ulterior motive lurking. 
In my opinion Paslode is showing very little commitment to the customer by selling fuel cells only with nails... I think their true reasoning for this may be to ensure that you buy Paslode nails. In addition, in terms of space there seemed no practical reason to change the fuel cell design other than to ensure that it was not compatible with older guns. The "drop-in" installation could of been achieved by redesigning the nozzle and slot retaining backwards compatibility. I am sure that someone at Paslode is planning on sun-lighting the older red fuel cells forcing owners of the older Framing nailer (IMCT) to upgrade. Sorry Paslode this is not the sign of a top company that supports its loyal customers... I hope that the management at Paslode see fit to offer the new cells both separately and for a reasonable price. I also hope that they find a way to ensure that older framing nailer's will continue to have fuel available. Homeowners who may not use the guns very frequently expect that their purchase(Expen$ive) of a commercial quality tool would function for a very long time, let's not let them down.

I recently purchased Palsode's new and improved CF-325 cordless framing nailer when my 10 year old Impulse bit the dust. I like the rubberized hand grip which helps in keeping the gun under control as my hands are dripping with sweat, which is almost all the time down here in southern most Key West, Florida. (hot, hot, hot). I can toe nail like a dream with this gun. The gun hanger has a cool improvement, as it will hang off my tool belt or when switched around can hang on joists. Very handy. The new fuel cell set up keeps the fuel cell firmly in place so that it does not dislodge while firing, like in the older gun. The door for the fuel cell compartment is much beefier with metal parts, rather than just plastic. The depth setting is a breeze as you can do so by hand rather than having to break out the tools. I have gone through 4500 nails with no problems. I was very frustrated trying to find replacement fuel cells. None of the lumber yards in the Keys had heard of this new gun, let alone sell fuel cells. My only complaint is a ditto on the previous reviewer in that Paslode is not selling fuel cells by themselves. You have to buy nails and fuels cells toghter in a combo pack. I had plenty of nails from Home Depot and did not want pay the shipping fee for more nails just to get fuel cells. I hear that Home Depot is going to be selling the combo packs and the new gun in about 1 month. Fortunately, I was able to buy separate fuel cells on ebay and get back to nailing.

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Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer best selling

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This article was published on 2011/04/10