Some choice guidelines to assist you to reduce fuel figures in your Alpha Romero

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And seeing as fuel tariffs are increasing this is something that all drivers should become mindful of. This is especially the case if you are on the road a lot because of work commitments, family duties or other matters.

So find below number of worthwhile tips to help you make your way along the route to improving your fuel consumption when driving an Alpha Romero.

1. Be mindful to pace your speed when you drive on the street. The optimum way to lessen fuel usage is lessen your speed level. This is probably not the funkiest way to use less fuel but it is an indispensable method, so why not make a few extra pennies by driving a little slower? You'll witness that this is effective because there is no need to hit the accelerator hard to keep a top speed going. This is due to the fact that momentum comes into play within a moving motor car, thus it takes a lower amount of fuel to keep a constant speed going.

2. Taking a gander at tyre pressure is also important. Under-inflated tyres can seriously decrease your MPG as they cause an increase in road resistance which utilises more fuel than tyres that are filled to the correct level. Plus resistance works on the Alpha Romero, pulling it backwards, so to get to back to the initial peak of speed you'll have to consume more fuel. Due to the fact that pressure falls over each month of the year check your tyre pressure at least once in that period.

3. Assess the air filter area. Air is restricted from going to the engine if a filter is blocked, which adversely affects fuel economy. This is because the engine needs to cool off; it will just overheat and not perform efficiently otherwise. If it's possible to see light through the filter then it's still quite new.

4. Ease off on using state-of-the-art Alpha Romero conveniences. Crack open the window instead of dialling up the air conditioning system, this will let some of the heat escape and give the fresh summer air a chance to move inside the motor car. Moreover it will put less of a burden on your energy and up fuel consumption.

5. Go small. If you are hoping to get hold of a new Alpha Romero go for a smaller and more fuel efficient model. At the moment there are a lot of agreements that could prove to be more environmentally friendly than the Alpha Romero you drive today.

6. However, if you are happy with your Alpha Romero then make sure there is no unnecessary weight. By shoving loads of things into the boot you'll have an extra 40 or 50 lbs of dead-weight. All that this extra weight does is increase fuel-consumption, so empty the boot out and save your cash.

7. Why not carpool to get into work. If you assume the average person has a 30 mile round trip commute to get to their workplace, and works about 240 days every year, carpooling will lead to a drop in the number of miles one drives annually by 3,600 - a saving of 180 gallons of gas for a vehicle that runs on 20 mpg. Saving this much fuel could really boost your savings!

By abiding by these quality guidelines you should reduce your fuel consumption save the planet and your pennies.

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Some choice guidelines to assist you to reduce fuel figures in your Alpha Romero

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Some choice guidelines to assist you to reduce fuel figures in your Alpha Romero

This article was published on 2012/09/07