Types of Fuels and Recommendations for RVs

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There are a few recommendations on fuel types for those who plan on using an RV generator during their spring, summer or fall travels.  Recreational vehicles are a fun and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors and the best way to keep power running into your camp is to follow tips that experience and knowledge can provide.

First of all, when dealing with different fuel types it's important to remember that with gasoline generators you should always take care of your engine by using a high octane grade of unleaded gasoline.  Your generator will thank you for it.  Another option when using gasoline based generation is to try Gasohol.  This is gasoline that has been blended with alcohol, if and only if, it has the right amount of additives in the total mixture.  Keep the percentages correct and your generator will be fine.  For example, the ethanol mix blend should have no more than ten percent ethanol.  A different type of blend is the methanol blend.  Don't use more than five percent methanol and keep in mind that the fuel should also contain solvents and the proper corrosion blockers.

Remember, always fill up with the freshest gas available before each and every trip.  Keep it fresh.  The biggest maintenance issue with gasoline generators is using stale or otherwise contaminated fuel.  Gas should be no more than a total of thirty days old.  Also try to use fuel stabilizers as they will extend the life of the gas being used.  Some manufacturer warranties will not cover your generator if bad gas has been used.

 For liquid propane RV generators, or LP generators, always use clean grades of propane fuel.  Some manufacturers will ask that a mixture of ninety percent propane be used.  Also, some grades of propane fuel will use high levels of butane which can cause problems when it comes to vapors in the fuel line.  Engine starting that is being done in temperatures under 32 degrees can be a problem when vaporization is poor.

When dealing with diesel generators always check the cetane number and sometimes a minimum number of 45 may be required by some manufacturers.  Certain diesels will give the highest fuel performance and usage economy so check with your specific manufacturer's guide to see which will be the best for your generator.  If using a B20 biodiesel always make sure to have an added fuel/water separation system, if available.

Always check your specific manufacturer's guide and be sure to read carefully all the fuel options that may be available for your size and type of generator.

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Types of Fuels and Recommendations for RVs

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This article was published on 2012/06/03